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Главная » 2012 » Декабрь » 19 » best illustration of the day
best illustration of the day

Utopia by

is a NY based illustrator from Hong Kong, graduated from

Rhode Island School of Design. "Victo" is not a boy nor a typo, but a

nickname derived from Victoria - a leftover from the British colonization.

Every year Dellas Graphic launches a promo calendar project called the Frogfolio which led to tons of award-winning pieces in the past 16 years. The past talents include Brad Holland, Etienne Delessert, Chris Buzelli, Yuko Shimizu, Sam Weber, Sam Bosma, Jillian Tamaki, Bill Mayer, Ellen Weinstein, Joohee Yoon.etc. It's a great honor to have my name be part of the artists I highly admire. 

The subject matter is completely open (as long as there is a frog in the picture), so I took full advantage and had tons of fun working on this piece.


The New Yorker, The New York Times, Leo Burnett, McDonald's, Adidas Hong Kong, Bank Simple, Tor Books, The Progressive, International Herald Tribune, Utne Reader, ComputerWorld, Avenue Magazine, Plansponsor, Planadviser, Six Red Marbles, Diplomat Magazine, aiCIO, ai5000, The Deal LLC, Village Voice, CincinSt. Louis Magazine, Honolulu Magazine, RISD xyz, Marriott Alumni Magazine, Family Circle, Somerest House London, Morgan Gaynin. Inc, Milk X, Taiko Center of the Pacific and maybe you?

Awards and Honors:

.3x3 ProShow 2012 Gold Medal

•GCIA 2012 Silver Medals (Editorial and Unpublished) and Judges' Pick Award

•The New York Times 20 Notable Op-Ed Art 2010

•CMYK Top 100#49 New Creatives Gold medal

•Recognitions from-

 Communication Arts 51,52,53

 American Illustration 29,30,31

 Society of Illustrators NY 53,54

 Spectrum 17,18,19

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