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Главная » 2009 » Май » 22 » Robot Sculptures by Lipson Robotics
Robot Sculptures by Lipson Robotics

"Rapid 2"

"Ms Ford"

"Ms Ford" is about 22 inches tall.
The body is a Vintage 1930s Montgomery Ward Toaster
The eyes are some bicycle gear shift parts and the black things underneath them are from motorcycle tail lights. The head is a motor cover .


The body is old as its stamped with a date from November 1951


Elgin is about 19.5 inches tall.



The Voltage And Continuity-Testing Robot” is one of the contemporary
collecting environments most pursued space items, and rightly so.
Volcon has it all: terrific packaging, great action, iconic industrial
design, and it’s a robot, which is super cool.

Volcon is 14 inches tall.

"Fedtro 1 & 2"


“Twinings Red”

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